1962 Series-1 E-Type Jaguar

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1962 Series-1 Jaguar E-Type

Today this absolutely stunning 1962 Series-1 E-Type Jaguar completes her miracle transformation, from the rusty, previously ‘munted’ shell that had been hand-balled to us four years ago to the pristine sample you see here (make sure you check out the ‘before’ photo!)


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Bronze Wine XY GT

If you haven’t been following the story of this stunning Bronze Wine GT on our Facebook page we seriously urge you to like our page and have a read, it is a restoration story that has to be seen to be believed!


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Green Velvet XP Coupe

After sitting around for the best part of 20 years from a previous accident, this Velvet Green XP Falcon Coupe was brought to us for a budget restoration so she could once again be used as a regular driver. With a completely rebuilt heart and a heap of new and restored parts she’s now ready to cruise the streets once again!


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This genuine LJ GTR XU-1 was transferred to us as a part-finished (painted, rolling shell) project that we recently built (to factory specs) a brand new engine for. We also re-assembled and detailed the remainder of the build. It’s now the purple slice of Aussie motoring history you see here.


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EH Panel Van V8 Conversion

This EH Panel Van came straight from the Gosford museum, family owned from new with a genuine 69,000 miles on her. With a dream of her becoming a V8 powered ‘beach cruiser’ the owner commissioned us to re-paint and rebuild her with the addition of a newer gen V8 heart.

Ford Cobra 257 the UK Cobra

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Cobra 257

“Cobra 257” (known as “the Cobra in UK”) this beast spent 10+ years in Britain before returning to our bronzen soils and placed in our care to ensure a first class restoration.

Upgraded with all homologated race parts including a complete ‘race spec’ engine rebuild by RP Racing, chassis/strut bracing, correct ‘new old stock’ thermo fans etc. she made her first appearance at All Ford Day (September 2017).

XY GT Falcon Electric Blue

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1970 XY Falcon

This exquisite Electric Blue XY GT Ford Falcon you see here was delivered to us as a fire damaged country car that needed lots of love and affection. Like all the work we do here at RPR, no bolt was left untended as we rebuilt this slice of motoring history piece by piece, with either brand new or in-house reconditioned parts, including our very own, American made wiring harnesses. The results speak for themselves…


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1975 XB Coupe

We were given the opportunity to build the painted rolling shell into a custom modified streeter, designed for highway cruising whilst both packing a punch, but with modern features to make it a comfortable drive. Featuring power steering, electronically controlled air conditioning, EFI, performance suspension modifications, custom fuel system and a custom engine plate designed to accept the serpentine belt with auto tensioner.

Powered by a 410 stroked Cleveland with solid roller cam, aluminium heads, C4 transmission, 9″ Detroit locker, 31 spline axles, Slide-A-Link rear suspension, KONI adjustables, FAST EFI & a Kenwood sound system for those lazy Sunday afternoon cruises.

1971 XY GT Falcon

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1971 XY GT

We were approached to build this XY Falcon after it had spent 16 years in 3 different body/paint shops. Arriving as a rolling chassis we rebuilt all the vehicles mechanicals and restored various components throughout the vehicle.

The mild hydraulic 351 Cleveland was built on site (RP Racing) along with the 4 Speed Toploader, 31 Spline Trutrack Diff & heavy duty tailshaft. This is also one of the first of our cars featuring our very own, brand new, complete GT wiring harnesses.

1968 Shelby GT500 KR

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1968 Shelby GT500 KR

We were approached to build this previously restored Shelby to concours winning level but with two specific requirements by the owner; it had to be completely restored in under 2 years (to make it to the Mustang/Shelby Nationals) and it had to be the best restored Shelby in Australia.

We left no stone unturned finding as many New Old Stock parts available and then painstakingly restoring the remaining parts. We gapped and shaped the panels better than any other Shelby had been before, and during the restoration process we kept in close contact with American Shelby GT 500 KR Specialists to ensure everything was 100% correct.

In its first unveil at the Mustang/Shelby Nationals it took out Top Car and has continued to win show trophies since.

1970 Boss 302 Mustang

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1970 Boss 302 Mustang

We originally took on this project as a ‘tidy up’ and to get the car registered in SA, but over time, the job slowly became a complete restoration. During the build the owner sourced a lot of factory date coded parts that had previously been removed from the vehicle prior to purchase. We finished the project as per the customers requirements (an extremely tidy street car) which happened to be just before the Mustang Nationals, so the owner to enter his new ‘drive car’ and it came away with the Gold Concours Trophy.

With the win under his belt he decided to move away from his original intention of building a street car and began sourcing even more New Old Stock parts. The car is now in full concours condition and has been awarded multiple Gold Trophies and is the only South Australian car to ever win ‘Thoroughbred’, the highest achievement of the Mustang Concours show world.

1965 Shelby Tribute

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1965 Shelby Tribute

After a Right Hand Drive mirror image conversion we fitted custom aftermarket air-conditioning complete with electric controls and stroked the genuine Shelby engine to 347 cubic inches for extra performance, whilst keeping the engine bay looking as stock as possible. The factory Shelby styling was neatened up by hiding wiring and A/C hoses etc to the point of ‘turn key start’ before it was disassembled again and completely re-painted and restored.

Since completion the car has won multiple trophies at both Mustang and Modified Vehicle car shows and has been invited to compete at the 2017 Mustang Nationals.


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1969 XW GTHO Falcon

We were given the opportunity to assemble this freshly painted GTHO rolling shell for the 2009 GT Nationals. With mechanical parts already installed and the original trim in exceptional condition, we replaced the carpets and finished it off with factory markings and chalk, all within a 3 month window.

It came runner up Best GTHO and since then we have continued to maintain the vehicle, removed the engine to paint it the concours correct colour, adjusted body panels, fitted new guards and re-painted half the car to bring it up to a standard the owner required.

1964.5 Mustang Coupe

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1964 1/2 Mustang Coupe

We were approached by the owner to find and build a 1964 1/2 Coupe as a birthday present for his wife, and we were lucky enough to find a one owner, un-restored but mint condition vehicle. The restoration began with the goal of being a ‘neat driver’ with a few mods by request (Pony Trim & Dual Exhaust) but ended up being entered into several shows, winning Silver Trophies but being hindered for points by the trim and exhaust modifications.

The car has since returned to us to be changed back to factory specification, with the correct trim and concours exhaust for entry into the next Mustang Nationals, after which it will then be driven as originally intended!

1978 SLR 5000 Holden Torana

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1978 SLR 5000 Holden Torana

This project was delivered as a painted rolling shell with a rebuilt engine (with matching numbers) ready to be assembled. Although it was not built for concours showing, the car is a genuine SLR 5000 with matching numbers, so we assembled the vehicle with all of the factory correct details and colours, with only a few changes to its concours finish by the owners request.

Since its completion the car is driven regularly and is often spotted at shows and cruises, usually with a crowd, a great compliment to the proud owner!

1969 Mustang 428 Drag Pack

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1969 Mustang 428 Drag Pack

A concours assembly project, this Drag Pack Mustang was delivered painted and the engine rebuilt, plus a heap of brand new parts ready to go. With a few aftermarket upgrades, the car was assembled with concours factory paint and chalk markings, plus any parts that hadn’t been sourced new, were restored to concours condition in-house.

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