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RP Racing XR-XB Chassis Connector Sets

New from our RP Racing division are these XR-XB Chassis Connector Sets designed to help transfer torque/power to the ground. Designed to be welded in and available in both Square Bar and Round Bar, the range of kits suits XR-XB Ford Falcon. The Square Bar kits also have a ‘notched’ variant, which allows installers to weld the bars in place without having to modify seat rails, whereas the non-notched version requires the seat rail to be cut to allow welding…

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RP Racing Chassis Connectors for XR-XB Ford Falcon

Coming soon are our brand new RP Racing Chassis Connectors for XR-XB Ford Falcon, designed to reduce chassis twist and help transfer torque/power through the car. Available in either round or square tube, with weld-in or weld-through notch for the seat rail, they are supplied finished in black etch primer ready to weld. XY-XB models also come with a replacement handbrake lever (designed to replace the original and add clearance on the drivers side). Prices starting at $500, contact us…

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